Our Background

Lyons Filter Company is a Colorado company that was established in 1998 to fill the need for experienced technical support for Western Filter Company’s water treatment systems. Due to the closure of the Denver Operations of Osmonics (Osmonics purchased Western Filter Company), the coagulation systems were no longer supported. To fill the need for technical support, Lyons Filter Company was founded through the partnership of two individuals with experience exceeding fifty years in the design and maintenance of these systems. Lyons Filter Company has since greatly expanded their operation to provide many products and services to the food, beverage, waste water, and industrial markets.

Steven Mussman, President, has worked in the water treatment industry since 1996 designing equipment and managing projects starting with Western Filter Co. / Osmonics, Inc. and now Lyons Filter Company. In addition to Steven’s water treatment experience, he has worked in the civil survey and engineering field. Notable designs he has worked on include ultrafiltration systems, carbon towers, media filters, gravity flow treatment systems, fluid and distribution storage including hygienic systems for companies located in South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. After managing the day-to-day operations of Lyons Filter Company, Steven purchased the company in 2016 and is currently the company’s president. 

Mike Peters, Business Development, has over 30 years of experience as a sales and management professional primarily to the water purification marketplace.  His results-driven experience as a front-line solution provider for his clientele and his passion to support industry professionals in many areas from filtration to membrane systems are what he brings to our team.  Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Whitworth College and resides in Washington State.  As our lead in Business Development, he will be responsible for continuing to develop our relations with profile clientele in the food and beverage sectors.  He will be working closely with our engineering and manufacturing teams in-house to support end-user and integrators alike. 

Mike Johnston, Sales Manager, has worked in the industrial sales market since 2005 focusing on Fluid Dynamics in the Pump and Mixer Industries.  Mike has worked with many other industries including Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, and Municipal just to name a few.  

Eric Weiss, Engineering Project Manager, started with Lyons Filter Co. in early 2017.  He graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  Eric previously worked as a test driver for Volkswagen and a consultant engineer and has experience with vehicle engine and US Military weapons design. 

Darrel Kleven, Sr. Field Technician, has worked more than 4,000 days at customer sites, including working in all 50 states and working more than 600 days outside the U.S. in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Darrel’s experience with membrane-based equipment ranges from manufacturing and testing membranes at the factory to installation and system startup, regular data monitoring and cleaning, and reloading and retrofitting existing machines. Darrel also has experience with coagulation systems, carbon towers, and other filtration equipment such as media and cartridge filters.

Joey Gardner, Project Manager, has worked in the industrial water treatment industry since 2008 for Lyons Filter Company. Prior to his work in the filtration industry, Joey worked in construction, most notably as a bridge builder. Joey’s knowledge of maintenance and equipment service makes him second to none in the industry.

Jennifer LaBar has worked for Lyons Filter Company since 2007. She is an excellent team member and is our “go to” person for office and project needs for us and our clients..

Greg Spangler (retired), has worked in the industrial water treatment industry since 1974. He is currently on retirement but still keeps up with Lyons Filter Co. from time to time. 

Charles Baumhover (retired) has been involved in the industrial water treatment industry since 1970. His experience ranges from product design and layout to equipment installation and start-up.

Mike Guerney (retired) has been involved in the industrial water treatment industry since 1980. His experience began with detailed equipment design and layout and has followed through to final installations and start-ups.

Charles, Mike and Greg are all happily retired but are called upon from time to time for their past expertise and consultation in the water filtration industry.

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