Turn-key Media Replacement

Lyons Filter Company provides turn-key media replacement service for gravity filters, pressure filters and activated carbon towers.  This service includes removal and disposal of existing media, inspection of the tank and internal piping assemblies, repairs, media reloading and sanitizing.

Rental Supercharger units are available for media installation.


Control System Updating

Lyons Filter Company provides control system updating and upgrades as an alternative to control system replacement.  Streamline your control system by replacing the old switch and relay operation with a state of the art PLC allowing accurate data collection and recording.  Lyons Filter Company can also re-purpose your old control panels as a money savings measure. 

Equipment Audits and Reconditioning

A cost effective alternative to equipment replacement is reconditioning.  Lyons Filter Company provides these services for numerous types of equipment including Gravity (sand) Filters and Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel pressure vessels.

The first step in this process is a complete inspection of the system to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the system.  Upon completing the inspection our Service Technicians will provide a comprehensive report indicating system discrepancies and recommendations for correction and enhancements.  Subsequently, our Design & Project Management Team will begin a project labor and materials scope for review and proposal.

Lyons Filter Company Engineering and Field Service staff will closely adhere to your mechanical and electrical standards and provide detailed, informative drawings and manuals for your prospective installation contractor so the project meets your expectations.  We can provide engineering and field support at any phase of the project from complete turn-key installation, project management or equipment start-up services.

Lyons Filter technicians are Confined Space Certified and can provide Permits with any P.R.C.S. entry.



Face-Piping Retrofit

Pressure vessels fitting with PVC or carbon steel piping can become problematic over time causing lengthy repair times and expensive delays in production.  Lyons Filter Company provides onsite retrofit services to upgrade facepiping ensuring stability and reliability.

Underdrain and Air Scour reconditioning

Enhance filter performance and backwashing with a new underdrain and/or air scour manifold retrofitted to your existing system.  The increased aeration the air scour provides and flow performance of a new underdrain system produce a more effective backwash allowing longer media life.

Our piping assemblies are designed specifically to your application whether the filter is gravity fed or a pressure vessel.  All assemblies supplied are 316 Stainless Steel and Nitric Acid Passivated.

Field Services


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Membrane System Service

  • Control Logic / Program Modifications
  • Membrane Replacement
  • Chemical Feed Assemblies
  • Membrane Cleaning and C.I.P.
  • Replacement Parts
  • Optimize System Operation
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Data Log Review
  • System Audits
  • Operator Training



Confined Space Certified

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