Lyons Filter Company offers contract services utilizing our T-Drill T-150.  This equipment provides us the ability to mechanically form tees, crosses and other custom fittings creating a sanitary basis for fabrication of pipe manifolds or single items.

T-Drill Service

Above is a video of a 3 inch port pulled from a 3 inch Scheduled 10, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe.  The end result, once faced, provides a nearly perfect surface for butt welding of flange fittings, valve bodies, piping, etc...

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The T-Drill Process:

The T-Drill process begins with the drilling of a pilot hole followed by an ellptical cut that is milled into the pipe.  Once the elliptical orifice is complete the operator adapts the collaring head to begin the pulling process.  The completed fitting is then faced to provide a secure platform for a butt weld.